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We have the Quadrivalent Flu vaccine in stock.


We recommend that all children and adults get the flu vaccine, unless there is a strong reason not to do so.

  • Children younger than 6 months of age are too young to vaccinate against flu. It is especially important to vaccine parents, siblings, and other caretakers who surround such an infant.
  • Children 6 months old to age 8 years may need to receive 2 doses of flu vaccine this year if they were not vaccinated last year.
  • Children  9 years old and up only require one dose this year, even if they never received the vaccine previously.
  • The shot form of the flu vaccine contains pieces of killed virus. Anyone except those with a medical contraindication (such as severe egg allergy) may receive flu vaccine by injection.
  • The nasal form of the vaccine (FluMist) is licensed for children 24 months of age and older. Adults may receive FluMist up to age 49. FluMist contains weakened, live flu virus. It is not recommended for children or adults with asthma or certain medical conditions (diabetes, chronic heart or kidney disease, pregnancy) Also, Flumist should not be given to those who have a weakened immune system (or live with such a person).
  • Although there are conflicting results among many studies, most experts feel that the FluMist is slightly more effective in children than the shot form of the vaccine. In adults, the injection seems to be slightly better than the mist. Both vaccines are effective; but protection is not 100%, so some vaccinees will still become ill with the flu.
  • Pregnant women are encouraged to get the vaccine, although check with your obstetrician before receiving the vaccine.

All of our flu vaccines are thimerosal free and do not contain mercury.

FLU VACCINE INFORMATION (click on this link)

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