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1125 Park Avenue
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Prenatal Consultations

Even before your baby is born, it’s an excellent idea to establish a trusting partnership with a skilled and experienced pediatrician. For prospective parents a prenatal consultation serves as an opportunity to meet the pediatrician as well as the office team that will be caring for your newborn. It’s also a good time to ask any questions and voice any concerns that you may have about becoming a new parent and caring for your newborn from day one.

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we welcome the opportunity to provide the guidance and support expectant parents may require as a new family member is about to arrive. During a prenatal consultation visit, our pediatricians will answer all your questions as they review all the relevant medical and familial information that can affect your newborn’s arrival, development, and care. Our goal is to provide the skilled and compassionate medical support you and your baby may need-both before and after their birth along with identifying any high-risk conditions that involve special considerations and care.

Our pediatricians and office team are dedicated to the health and well-being of your newborn. We offer ample guidance on all aspects of parenting from breastfeeding, diapering, and how to recognize signs of an illness, to important safety concerns, watching for developmental milestones, the importance of immunizations and all the additional information an expectant parent needs to have on hand.

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill Pediatrics is open seven days a week and warmly welcomes expectant parents to contact our office for a prenatal consultation with our highly trained team.

To meet other expecting parents and learn about the first few weeks surrounding the arrival of your newborn, consider joining a lecture series taught by Dr. Goldstein and other perinatal specialists.