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Breastfeeding your baby can be a natural and rewarding experience; it can also be nerve-racking. Instead of allowing what should be a bonding moment to become a crisis, seek breastfeeding support and lactation consulting at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics. Located on the Upper East Side of New York City, these trained professionals help you and your baby successfully adjust to breastfeeding. Contact the office today to learn more about lactation services.

Breastfeeding Support and Lactation Consulting Q & A

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Why is breastfeeding important?

Breastfeeding is a natural and safe way to feed your baby, and the Carnegie Hill Pediatrics team highly recommends it.

Your breast milk is specifically "designed" for your baby and is capable of providing them with all the nutrition needed for the first six months of life.

Although breastfeeding isn’t necessary, it has an enormous impact on your baby’s health and can lead to benefits that last a lifetime. Some of the most important breastfeeding benefits include:

  • Protection from illnesses
  • Lower risk of allergies
  • Boost in intelligence
  • Lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Reduced risk of obesity

Beyond helping the baby, breastfeeding provides benefits for mom too. Breastfeeding can:

  • Lower the risk of postpartum depression
  • Reduce stress
  • Prevent some forms of cancer
  • Burn calories

What is breastfeeding support and lactation consulting?

While breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally. When you’re a new mom, learning to breastfeed can be complicated.

Sometimes your baby doesn’t latch on, and it may seem like you’re not providing enough milk to satisfy the baby’s needs. It can be so frustrating that some moms want to give up.

If you fall into that group, don’t give up yet. With the help of the trained professionals at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, you and your baby can get the support you need to make breastfeeding a reality. Specially trained to help mothers with breastfeeding difficulties and questions, these specialists can recognize problems and implement solutions without trouble.

How does lactation consulting help with breastfeeding?

The lactation specialists at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics are trained to recognize issues that arise with breastfeeding. From the baby not sticking its tongue out to flat nipples, they can identify problems and offer solutions to make the process easier. Depending on your situation, your lactation consultant may suggest:

  • Nipple shields
  • Changing positions
  • Modifying your hold
  • Massaging your baby’s jaw
  • Ways to increase milk production

Breastfeeding support allows moms who are struggling and ready to give up on breastfeeding another chance to succeed. With the help of the team at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, you get the skills, confidence, and reassurance that you and your baby need to breastfeed successfully.

If you’re a new mom and struggling to breastfeed your baby, find the help you need at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics. Call today to schedule your appointment or book online.

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