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The pediatricians at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics know that you’re busy. To make things in your life a little easier, they offer in-office laboratory services. Located on the Upper East Side of New York City, the office provides a full range of laboratory services, so your child’s lab work can be done right after their appointment. If you’d like to learn more about Carnegie Hill Pediatrics and the services they provide, contact the office today.

In-Office Laboratory Services Q & A

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What are in-office laboratory services?

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, in-office laboratory services allow you to get your child’s laboratory testing done right at your doctor’s office. They can examine blood, urine, feces, tissues, or other substances to look for things like viruses, bacteria, or abnormal growth. Ultimately, these tests help prevent, diagnose, and treat chronic and acute conditions.

Laboratory services must be ordered by a physician, who then uses the results to determine changes in things like white blood count or cholesterol.

Why choose in-office laboratory services?

Choosing in-office laboratory services can bring you multiple benefits. When you already see a pediatrician at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, your child becomes familiar with the environment and is, therefore, less likely to have anxiety from being in a strange place. That's particularly helpful when their pediatrician has to draw blood; the experience will be easier on both of you.

Another benefit of choosing Carnegie Hill Pediatrics is that the lab is in the same office as your pediatrician, and your results are transmitted much more quickly than from outside laboratories. In the case of emergency, the results may even be able to be expedited.

What should you expect when you have in-office laboratory services?

When you visit the in-office lab at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, you meet with one of our friendly team members to complete the registration process. Once your highly trained medical technician is ready for you, they’ll call you into a private room to administer the test.

Your technician may:

  • Take your blood
  • Explain how to collect a urine sample
  • Explain how to collect a feces sample
  • Take a tissue specimen
  • Administer a culture

Once the collection is complete, you’re free to go (unless you’re directed otherwise). The specimen is tested, the results are given directly to your doctor, and then a member of the Carnegie Hill Pediatric team calls you to discuss the results.

If you’re looking for a pediatrician’s office that offers in-office laboratory services in New York City, contact Carnegie Hill Pediatrics on the Upper East Side. You can call to schedule your initial consultation or book online.

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