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When you’re a new mom, you may live in a world of extremes: You’re enthralled with your new baby, yet you're exhausted from lack of sleep. No one quite understands it unless they’re going through it, too. Carnegie Hill Pediatrics offers support groups to all its new moms. These groups offer support and advice to new moms in New York City. Located on the Upper East Side, it’s a great place to share your experiences, get the help you need, and find new friends. Contact the office today to learn more.

New Mom Support Groups Q & A

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What are new mom support groups?

When you’re a new parent, it can feel like the only people who understand what you’re going through are those with new babies too. The new mom support groups at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics are designed to give new moms a place to meet other new moms.

Building relationships with other new parents can reduce stress, decrease the risk for postpartum depression, and give you the support you need as you transition into parenthood.

What happens during a new mom support group?

At new mom support groups, moms like you share the challenges and triumphs they face every day. One mom may discuss her troubles with breastfeeding, while another mom shares her newest baby food recipe.

Regardless of the group’s focus, it will be supportive, fun, and nonjudgmental.

Medical staff may be available during this time to deliver the presentation and offer advice and counsel when necessary. Parents can exchange information and build friendships with each other as the group shares struggles and celebrates successes both big and small.

Are babies welcome at new mom support groups?

Of course, babies are welcome at all the new mom support groups at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics.

If you need to change a diaper, do it. If your baby’s hungry, it’s okay to nurse. You’re a mom, and there's no judgment at the new mom support groups.

If you have a babysitter and are looking for a supportive place to go, you can attend the new mom support groups at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics without your baby too. All moms understand that you need time away from your baby and who better to share that time with than other new moms?

If you’re looking for a caring environment and social support for new moms, consider attending a new moms support group at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics. Call the office or inquire online to learn more.

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