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Choosing your unborn child’s pediatrician is a big deal. You want a doctor who is friendly, easy to talk to, and highly experienced. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, you’ll find a pediatrician with those qualities and more. Schedule a prenatal consultation and meet the highly trained team, ask questions, and see for yourself if these doctors are right for your child. If you’re looking for a prenatal consultation with a pediatrician in New York City, contact Carnegie Hill Pediatrics today. Located on the Upper East Side, they’re currently accepting new patients.

Prenatal Consultation Q & A

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What is a prenatal consultation?

A prenatal consultation is a visit to your pediatrician during your pregnancy. These appointments establish a relationship with your child’s doctor, allowing the pediatrician to guide and support you as new parents. When you see a doctor at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics for a prenatal consultation, they gather information about your family history and pregnancy and identify any conditions that may complicate delivery.

The prenatal consultation provides you the opportunity to ask your pediatrician questions or voice any concerns you have. Your pediatrician offers advice and counsels you about developing parenting skills and what you can expect with a newborn at home.

What happens during a prenatal consultation?

When you see a pediatrician at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics for a prenatal consultation, your doctor discusses your pregnancy and any issues you’ve had. Your pediatrician takes this time to get to know you as a parent, understand your needs, and give you any guidance.

They may ask you questions about your pregnancy and any previous pregnancies, as well as questions regarding your relationship and whom the baby will be spending time with — for instance, a babysitter or grandparent. Your pediatrician may inquire about your experience with infants, your delivery plan, and if you plan on breastfeeding.

During this appointment, you should discuss any questions or concerns that you have. If you observe any specific cultural practices related to pregnancy or parenting, this is a good time to discuss them with your doctor.

Who should have a prenatal consultation?

If you’re a new parent or new to Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, you should schedule a prenatal consultation. While recommended for most families, these appointments are particularly useful for:

  • Single parents
  • High-risk pregnancies or those with complications
  • Multiple gestations
  • Families who have experienced a previous perinatal death or stillbirth
  • Adoption cases

If you’re pregnant and in need of a pediatrician you can trust with your child’s health, contact Carnegie Hill Pediatrics on the Upper East Side of New York City. You can schedule your prenatal consultation online or call the office for an appointment.


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