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Adoption Medicine and Counseling

Welcoming a new family member through the adoption process represents an act of love that is born in the hearts of the prospective parents and flourishes in the hearts of children. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we offer a full range of adoption medicine and counseling services to support prospective and adoptive families. Our skilled and experienced professional team understands the unique medical, developmental, and emotional needs of children and can help families navigate the complexities of adoption with both pre- and post-adoption counseling services.

Our pre-adoption services include:

Our skilled medical team offers pre-adoption counseling for both domestic and international adoptions. By helping prospective parents review available medical history information, photographs, or videotapes as provided by an adoption agency; any medical or developmental issues that may require special attention and care to support a child’s health and well-being can be discussed.

For domestic adoptions, we recommend:

If you are adopting a child from another country, we suggest:

Post-adoption we provide the following ongoing pediatric medical care and support:

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we provide compassionate and supportive post- adoption services for babies and children who have just been brought home. As part of a comprehensive program of post-adoption care, we review the child’s medical and family histories and perform a complete examination to check all aspects of a child’s overall health, development and well-being. We’ll also perform all screening tests as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and offer counseling to address any potential health or developmental issues. As needed, we will make referrals to specialists and therapists for further evaluation or treatment of particular conditions affecting a child’s medical, developmental, cognitive or mental health.

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