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1125 Park Avenue
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(646) 462-3367

COVID Testing

Tests Performed

87426 Covid Immunoassay Rapid Antigen Test (BD or Sofia) $125

87428 Covid + Influenza A/B Immunoassay Rapid Antigen Test (BD) $175

87635 Covid Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (Abbott ID Now) $150

0202U Biofire RT-PCR Comprehensive Respiratory Panel including SARS-Co-V-2 and other common respiratory pathogens (via nasopharyngeal swab); one hour PCR test $500

This PCR test is valid for school clearance and international travel.

99000 Specimen handling fee to collect a nasopharyngeal specimen for PCR to send to an outside lab for processing. Results are back the next morning. $75

We will provide you with a comprehensive bill for submission to your insurance company.

Under the CARES ACT insurance should cover the cost of these laboratory tests.