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Newborn Care

A newborn’s health and well-being require the careful monitoring and attention of a pediatrician with whom parents can feel confident that their little one is getting the best of care. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, our skilled and experienced pediatricians are well equipped to provide the comprehensive newborn care your baby requires and to address any concerns you may have about their health and development.

Newborn care begins as soon as your baby arrives with a complete physical exam in the hospital and an assessment of their overall health and function. Every newborn is also screened for signs of any problems or complications that may be evident at that time.

Within three to five days after birth, your newborn is scheduled for an exam at our office. At this visit your baby will receive a comprehensive examination. This assessment includes measurements of physical attributes, movement, reflexes, development, vital signs, and function. Once again, if any illness or issues are detected our pediatricians will recommend the best course of care.

Your baby’s ongoing health, as well as growth and development, are checked again at the ages of one, two, four, six, nine and twelve months. Once an infant reaches the age of one year, routine well-child checkups are scheduled.

While your newborn will be seen several times during their first year of life, it’s important to keep in mind that any unusual signs or symptoms of an illness, injury or other areas of concern should be brought to our attention. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we provide the highest quality of medical care to help ensure your baby’s health and well-being.