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1125 Park Avenue
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(646) 462-3367

After-Hours Emergency

As every parent knows, children can become sick or suffer an injury any hour of the day or night. While Carnegie Hill Pediatrics has office hours seven days a week, one of our pediatricians is always on call every weekend and during off hours to help address any situations requiring prompt attention and care. Whatever day or hour your child needs us, our skilled and compassionate medical team is here for you.

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics we work closely with you to serve your child’s medical needs and to address illnesses and injuries as soon as possible to help your child feel better and get them back on the path to wellness.

f your child is experiencing symptoms that require urgent medical attention before or after regular office hours, contact our emergency on-call phone number.

Issues that require prompt attention can include:

It’s essential to keep in mind that if your child experiences a medical emergency such as difficulty breathing, a seizure, or traumatic injury, urgent attention as provided by the emergency department of a hospital is required. You can contact our pediatrician for support on the way to the hospital, from the ER, or as soon as you are able.