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Travel Consultations and Travel Vaccines

Today, global travel to places far and near is easier than ever before. While a long distance overseas journey is always exciting, it’s important to be familiar with health risks in other parts of the world and to protect your family as needed from illness and disease.

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we can advise you of the health risks associated with destinations across the globe and provide your family with the vaccines and medicines required to help protect their continued health and well-being while you travel. We’ll ensure that your family’s immunizations are up to date, completing any routine childhood vaccines as possible on a normal or accelerated schedule and providing travel vaccines as recommended.

While children face many of the same health risks as adults, the consequences can be more serious. Moreover, since some vaccines cannot be given to very young children, it’s important to be familiar with the health risks associated with the locations in your journey as well as how to avoid exposure and the signs or symptoms of an infectious disease.

Our pediatricians will also advise you on important precautions to prevent and treat diarrhea as well as reduce everyone’s risk of insect or animal bites. We’ll also provide recommendations for essential medications to have on hand for the prevention and management of everything from traveler’s diarrhea and motion sickness to malaria and dengue fever.

It’s a good idea to contact our office at least 4-6 weeks before you travel overseas. In this way, we can provide the needed vaccines and medications in the most effective and timely way.