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Pulmonary Consultations and Asthma Care

We understand just how scary and upsetting it can be when your child is dealing with a respiratory issue. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, we offer comprehensive consultative and treatment services for babies, children, teens, and young adults who are dealing with a wide array of acute as well as chronic lung and respiratory disorders.

Our pediatricians provide pulmonary consultations and asthma care, to diagnose, monitor, and help to manage and treat the following breathing issues and lung problems in children:

In assessing a pediatric patient for a lung or respiratory disorder, our pediatricians will review the child’s medical history to see if any factors are contributing to the condition. In particular, we are looking for relevant information regarding family history, exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins, or exposure to infectious disease that may have contributed to the development or worsening of your child’s lung or respiratory condition. We’ll also evaluate your child’s respiratory and lung function with painless and noninvasive tests as well as assess changes in your child's lung function over time and in response to asthma medications or other types of treatments.

Our pediatricians use the latest technology to diagnose and treat lung diseases and respiratory disorders in children and adolescents. For children diagnosed with asthma, we offer comprehensive care to address the many ways the condition presents itself and affects breathing and overall well-being. We also provide both patients and their families with the education and resources they require to recognize and manage symptoms of asthma at home, school, or play.