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New Mom Support Groups

While becoming a new mom is thrilling, it is also at times overwhelming. Even though babies are small in size, they have round the clock needs that can exhaust parents and caregivers. At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, our new mother support groups provide an opportunity to share feelings and experiences with other new moms, make new friends, and get the help and guidance you may require to navigate caring for your baby.

Our support groups for new moms offer a comfortable and supportive avenue for sharing the triumphs and difficulties of being a new mom, while providing useful information to help alleviate anxiety and develop a network of resources for moms and babies.

Whether sharing advice on feeding, sleep, establishing routines, exchanging information about baby-friendly activities in your neighborhood, or more, a new mom support group is a wonderful way to receive advice and guidance from other new moms, as well as benefit from the advice and counsel of medical staff as available.

By getting together with other new moms and their babies, you can enjoy the benefit of a social experience while addressing all the little and big things on your mind as a new mother. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time mom, or have other children and have just had another baby; all moms with newborns and young babies are welcome!