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1125 Park Avenue
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Young Adult Health Care

At Carnegie Hill Pediatrics our goal is to establish trusting partnerships in care with our patients and their families. While we are there for our patients every step of the way from infancy through adolescence, we also want to make sure they receive the medical attention that is required to support good health as they enter young adulthood.

Our goal is continuity of care. As dedicated physicians, we want our patients to experience a seamless transition to adult medical services and to continue to have complete access to the same level of skilled and reliable care. By continuing to be available to patients between the ages of 18 and 25, we help to ensure they get the attention and treatment they require to address their specific needs.

Our skilled and compassionate professional team has years of experience and is well equipped to provide the support and guidance young adults require to manage any issues affecting their overall health and well-being.

While many in this age group enjoy good health and typically have few issues, there are some health concerns that are frequently seen in young adults. These issues and conditions may include:

By providing young adults with preventive and supportive ongoing care, the team at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics can help make the transition to adult health care a smooth one.